Long serving team mates to hang up their shirts

March will see a change in the Resonate line up as after combined careers spanning over 80 years we will lose Mark Walker (Facilities Manager) and Mike Wood (Operations Modeller) to a couple of well-earned retirements. While we are delighted for them to be commencing new adventures, we know how much we’ll miss their camaraderie, experience and expertise. To mark this significant landmark we decided to chat to them about their time with us, from the days of British Rail Research to the digital age of Resonate. First up is Mike:
Mike Wood
Mike Wood

 1) Res: Do you remember your first day? MW: Yes very much so – Up the long staircase to the Station Manager’s Office at Portsmouth & Southsea to meet Fred England the Chief Clerk. He had a voice like a megaphone!

2) Res: What was your first role within the business? MW: Area Relief Clerk starting in the parcels office on £23.00 per week.

3) Res: What are the biggest changes you have noticed within the business and the industry over the years? MW: We are far more customer focused.

4) Res: What have been the most enjoyable parts of your role? MW: Meeting people and customers.

5) Res: …….and the least enjoyable?! MW: Kings Cross Fire 18th November 1987 – I was manager at the British Rail station that night.

6) Res: Do you have an achievement that you are proud of beyond others? MW: Developing the gating business for TCI, AEA, DeltaRail, Resonate from nothing. Writing the National routing Guide. Producing British Rail’s last poster.

7) Res: Have you ever received a terrible telling off? If so can you tell us what for? MW: I accidently started a fire in the Isle of Wight ticket office at Portsmouth Harbour. My manager was very angry until I mentioned that we had no fire extinguisher. At this point panic became the more dominant emotion!

8) Res: What is the most comical thing you have witnessed at work? MW: The pest controller at Kings Cross chasing a cat through the roof void then falling through the ceiling into the middle of the ticket office. The cat had also fallen through and looked surprised when the controller managed to get up and carry on chasing him.

9) Res: ……..And the strangest? MW: Livestock was often sent by rail and we once had an unidentifiable goat on our hands because he had eaten all of his own labels.

10) Res: What are you most looking forward to devoting more time to in the coming years? MW: Travelling the world.

11) Res: What will you most miss on the first day of your new chapter? MW: The people

12) Res: If you were approached by somebody considering a career at resonate, what advice would you give them? MW: Join Resonate

13) Res: Do you have anything that you would like to add independently of these questions? MW: There is plenty more I could add 42 years after I started in October 1974. Most of all though, I worked at a lot of interesting places and met a lot of great people. I worked for British Rail in Portsmouth, Kings Cross, Paddington, Bristol, Cannon Street, Swindon and Euston. I had two spells in One Eversholt Street and Central House. I also worked for AEA Technology in Rotterdam and Taipei (Taiwan). It is fair to say that I’ve seen a few changes in signalling control, traffic management and the rail industry in general!

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