Vision and Values

Imagine the Journey

We all know that global economies are dependent on people and that transporting them to the right place at the right time is essential to maximising income and productivity. Travel is the largest single influencer in the advent of our global digital era and it will also dictate the success of emerging mega regions over the next 20 years. The mobility and satisfaction of work forces and consumers, needs to increase significantly and consistently. In an environment dominated by personalisation we need to carry a greater number of people and develop a closer bond with them. We firmly believe that our technology will help to achieve this.

Imagine The Journey

With a team and technology platform capable of exceptional things, we plan to challenge ourselves (and sometimes our clients) to deliver a smarter digital railway with happier customers. From a practical perspective, our signalling control, business operation and traffic management systems will create increased capacity and deliver improvements in punctuality and fuel consumption. The next step is to deliver clear lines of communication to passengers. By delivering concise information and personalised products and services, we can help you to connect with your customer by providing informed, end to end journeys.


We believe that an efficient, integrated transport system is the backbone of future smart cities. In order to drive national productivity and solve the challenges of snowballing urbanization, positive change is needed. We are passionate about being a major contributor to this process but understand that it isn’t easy. Most existing transport systems are struggling with key challenges surrounding the need to increase capacity and performance within the constraints of technically limited (and often antiquated) infrastructures. Issues surrounding squeezed funding and short term uncertainty create further pressure and a powerful need for a cost effective, agile, road map.

Fundamentally, we believe that more of the same will not deliver a transport system fit to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Once considered a safe bet, existing transport solutions often amount to a backwards step by delivering a technology platform containing last decade, fragmented business practices. As the speed of advancement increases, assessing future needs makes buying decisions even harder.

The world of transport is also challenged because many of its sectors lag behind industries that have built strategies around consumer relationship management. Digital technology elsewhere has transformed the way in which services are accessed, raising levels of information and interaction. This in turn, has heightened customer expectation dramatically. We understand that exemplary levels of safety and engineering alone, are no longer enough. Our job is to deliver solutions that will increase the number of journeys available and make them more reliable, communicative, convenient and enjoyable. That’s why our traffic management, signalling control and customer xperience programs deliver sustainable improvement and evolution.

Using powerful algorithms and BI software along with our transport experience, we deliver insights that lead to fast, deliverable benefits. Harnessing and maximising the value of data through connected systems is one of the most important challenges facing the transport industry over the coming years. The key to digital transformation is being agile enough to change direction as new requirements and opportunities emerge. We won’t offer you dead-end development or closed systems with slow, costly, upgrade paths. Our open architecture is designed to be receptive to developments (as yet unseen) so that we can help to deliver successful, sustainable transport and innovative smart cities.

Technology Platform

We understand that modern system development does not take place using a rigid road map. The ever increasing pace of discovery in the digital environment throws up constantly changing opportunities and challenges.

Vast View

Our platform has the power, agility and scalability to incorporate innovation immediately and deliver it in a structure that will bring value to your business.

Whether we are providing real time decision making, data mining for BI, or creating third party interfaces, we understand that there is pressure to convert concepts into value propositions.

The dynamic and modular nature of our digital structure means that development, connectivity, storage and security can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We combine the best signalling control, operations management and customer xperience modules with the most relevant data feeds. This equips you with connected, end to end, traffic management, designed for decades of sustainable evolution.

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