Based in the heart of Europe, we have been in the vanguard of ERTMS test specification and system consolidation, and have been supporting customers across Europe and Asia for 18 years.

Dedicated to marrying technical excellence, creative thinking and world-leading delivery into a single package we have used our software architecture, development and design skills to translate the complex detail of European Interoperability’s ERTMS / ETCS / EVC specifications into a suite of tools which we then supply to you –positioning you at the cutting edge of the rail industry.

We’re fiercely proud of our reputation for designing and implementing complex technical solutions that are both easy for our customers to use, and reliable.

Our Solutions

ERTMS/ETCS Operational Simulator
A visualisation of your train running under ERTMS/ETCS supervision which can be used for training, demonstration and testing purposes. The system can also be used in the development of operating rules and to investigate deployment issues.

ERTMS / ETCS Traffic Simulator
An advanced real time system which can be used for evaluating line capacity and improvements, validating RBCs, assessing conflict detection/resolution systems, signaller training and replicating real life events.

ERTMS/ETCS OBU and RBC test benches
A range of advanced test benches which allow you to test your On Board Units and Radio Block Centres.

ETCS Driver Machine interface
A production DMI providing a compliant interface to the ERTMS/ETCS system allowing driver identity and train data, to be entered, and displays of driving information, including speed, planning area, ETCS level, and mode.

A Track editor
Allowing you to create and modify track models for use with our operational and traffic simulation tools and test benches. The track models can be used in all ERTMS/ETCS application levels.

Simulation and Test Evaluation Tools
Simplifying the task of analysing, displaying and reporting the data generated using our operational and traffic simulation tools ,or by third party on-board systems.

Our Customers

  • Standards Authorities
  • Consultants
  • Systems Integrator
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Notified Bodies
  • Certified Independent Testers
  • Rail Infrastructure Operators
  • Train Operators
  • Training Providers
  • Researchers

Our Commitment

We want to work with partners where we can genuinely make a difference to their business and believe that the true value of our solutions is in getting the right combination of core product, options, bespoke work and experience for you. Whether you are striving to improve interoperability and route capacity; reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, and maintain safe operation of the railway when you work with us we become an extension of your team – providing the right support at the right time to successfully identify your challenges and provide solutions which support your goals.

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