Control Systems

A core component of our modular approach to digital age technology is our ground-breaking Scalable control system. This functionally rich flagship product is fully approved to SIL 2 and controls many of the most densely operated areas of the UK rail network.

Using the technology of the digital age to deliver robust signalling control in a revolutionary new way, Scalable delivers world-class functionality at lower cost, is faster to deploy and is facilitating a transformation in system operation and maintenance. Coupled with our proven interfaces to the full range of interlockings, including a revolutionary Remote Interlocking Interface, Scalable enables cost effective re-control without the expense and time associated with re-signalling. Our years of experience and understanding of the difficult railway ‘edge cases’ ensures rapid cost effective and risk free projects on both new and brown field infrastructure.

Combining with Scalable, our Flexible Workstations enable individual users to supervise any portion of a network, with the ability to move the workload between users depending on traffic density and staffing levels. As well as enabling improved efficiency and reduced operating costs, the ability to flex workloads and spans of control can improve performance recovery during or after an incident by allowing users to work on adjacent areas. Our workstations also provide an agile platform for integration of other performance apps and productivity tools.

Other elements in our control solutions include Enhanced Automatic Route Setting and Graph-Master for real time automated route setting, re-planning and recording. Network capacity utilisation and operating discipline and performance are improved by freeing up users to concentrate on conflict resolution and incident management.

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