Resource Operations

As we all know, the world can be a bit of a volatile place. The power delivered though our platform to our resource planning and management software will help you to be agile enough to make fast and efficient adjustments when circumstances change.

We provide you with detailed planning tools (of course) so that your team members and assets are handed the right tasks at the right times and we make sure that we have factored in qualifications, specifications, seniority, cost and availability. We also make sure that all legal requirements are met. The unfortunate truth however, is that things don’t always go off without a hitch and it’s when they don’t that you need us to deliver for you the most.

By using algorithms that take into account historical data to establish patterns and assess the implications of moving resources by predicting the future impact, we can avoid decisions that lead to a “one step forward, two steps backwards” scenario. By delivering the capability to see 4 or 5 moves ahead when you are under the greatest amount of pressure we can make bottom line savings and improve consistency and communication to the point where you have a happier team.

Our aim as a group is simply to maximise the success that our solutions bring to our clients. With a view to this we have a technical structure that allows for easy interfacing via API’s so that we can communicate seamlessly into things like payroll and generic KPI reporting systems.

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