Understanding performance levels and the specific events and trends that cause them is obviously imperative to all transport businesses. Datamotion, the data and services component of our solutions, provides insight into operational performance so that commitments can be met, efficiencies can be made and passengers’ experience can be improved.

Such insights are achievable because of the increasing availability of data and information and access to large scale computing resources in the public and private cloud. Performance improvement will demand better use of data and analytics to support the challenging expectations consumers have of their transport providers. Changing behaviours from ‘find and fix’ to ‘predict and prevent’, delivering targeted information in real time, and incorporating new data streams and analysis will all play an important role.

All of our new developments are designed to utilise API’s so that we can add third party functionality to increase the capabilities of our platform and the impact that it has on your business. Combined with the shift towards consumption of information on the move through mobile and connected devices, and the increasing expectation for people to use social media to source and share information about transport services, we can deliver performance metrics, live status views and post event analytics, all capable of being deployed over the internet via cloud infrastructure.

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