We believe that an effective integrated transport system is the backbone of the future smart cities, driving countries’ economies and solving the challenge of snowballing urbanisation. And we are passionate about making our own contribution to that change. But we understand change is not easy - at a helicopter view, most transport systems are struggling with the key challenges: How to increase capacity and performance, typically, within the constraints of squeezed funding and short-term uncertainty. The issues are universal.

Fundamentally, we believe that more of the same will not deliver a transport system fit to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Where once existing transport solutions were the safe bet, they now only guarantee being tied to someone else’s last-decade, fragmented business practices. The speed of technology advances makes buying decisions even harder.

Just to add to these challenges, transport worldwide lags behind other industries that obsess about the consumer. Digital technology in other sectors has transformed the way that services are accessed, raising levels of interaction and consumer expectation dramatically. Today there is a much lower tolerance of under-performance; passengers compare transport to their other consumer experiences and find it wanting. It’s not enough to have the highest levels of safety and engineering, customers takes that as a “given” and expect the level of service for which they are paying.

Without concerted, digital age action the customer delivery gap will only widen. Our powerful blend of transport experience and digital skills, combined with our state of the art technology platform, puts us at the vanguard of suppliers delivering a paradigm shift. We don’t expect our clients to buy into vertically integrated dead-end architecture or closed systems with slow, costly upgrades. We can deliver fast measurable benefits whilst enabling (as yet) unknown future needs. Together, we can help successful, sustainable transport providers and smart city innovators to deliver our shared vision of the future.

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