Traffic Management Solutions by Resonate

The Resonate technology portfolio is designed to deliver optimum operational efficiency to our business partners. We help you to manage traffic systems by creating the best possible performance plan and providing the greatest level of guidance when disruption strikes.

We understand the level of responsibility involved in helping our partners to manage rail traffic on busy and complex networks and are committed to being agile and flexible enough to deliver the right functionality and scale for each situation.

The heartbeat of our offering is our new digital platform. It gives us the power and intelligence to deliver close to full automation through our software and the foresight to activate the optimum contingency plan when it’s most needed. We know how hard we have to work to keep you ahead of the game and get a buzz from knowing that our solutions are beyond compare when measured against other traffic management systems.

Our modular solution is designed to optimize traffic management by delivering you the fundamental benefits you require in a way that fits your operation:

  • Real time views of the operation of the network so users can see and share information, enabling better informed decision making.
  • Decision support tools and dashboards to help users’ prioritise traffic based upon user driven parameters.
  • Interface seamlessly with data feeds to enable advanced decision making via comprehensive algorithms.
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